Uganda the land of gorillas

Uganda is a beautiful country in East Africa where the equatorial rainforests meet the plains and the savannah.

Over 23% of Uganda’s territory is dedicated to the protection of wildlife with ten national parks and over 15 nature reserves and sanctuaries.

The territory of Uganda is characterized by high mountains covered with dense forests, large lakes, rushing waterfalls and an incredible variety of wildlife.

The forests of Uganda are home to 20 primate species including mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

Mountain gorillas are found in two separate locations: the Virunga volcanic mountain range on the borders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, and in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The Kibale Forest alone protects 13 primate species, the highest global primate population density in the world, while the Bwindi and Mgahinga Impenetrable National Parks protect more than half of the total mountain gorilla population.

Trekking in search of gorillas is a unique experience and also allows you to contribute to the protection of this endangered species.

The rainforests of western Uganda, such as the Mabira Forest, are the country’s most important ornithological habitat and represent a true paradise for birdwatchers; 1066 bird species have been recorded.

For its magnificence, for the variety of shapes and colors, for the profusion of brilliant life, birds, insects, reptiles, animals, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa.

Winston Churchill

Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda is the largest of the country’s national parks and one of the oldest, offering spectacular safaris with large herds of buffalo, giraffe, elephant, lion, leopard, spotted hyena, warthog and many species of antelope.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is a place of extraordinary beauty and extreme biodiversity, it protects five different areas from the savannah to the swamps to the famous Kazinga channel where you have the chance to spot the shoebill swan.

The five different environments of the park host a large number of animals, a very high concentration of hippos, primates, predators and herbivores.

In addition to the traditional 4 × 4 safaris, Queen Elizabeth National Park is famous for its incredible boat safaris.

With 619 species of birds recorded in the park, Queen Elizabeth is a bird watcher’s paradise.

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