About US

Who we are, our history, our mission.

The project was born from the union of two SafariAdv and Africale realities that have been involved in organizing trips and safaris in Africa since their birth.

By combining our respective experiences and knowledge, we wanted to create a unique journey, a crossing that runs from north to south, and vice versa, admiring many of the most important destinations on the continent.

Why choose us

Experience and professionalism

We have been traveling and working in Africa for over 20 years and we love every corner of it.

Respect for the environment and animals

We devote the utmost attention to preserving nature and not bothering the animals during safaris.

Itinerary planned in detail

Each stage has been designed to make the journey interesting and exciting every single day.

Handpicked Lodges and Tented camps

Our partners guarantee maximum comfort and attention to the eco-sustainability of the structures.

We bring help to local populations

It will also be a journey dedicated to helping those most in need.

During our African crossing we will have the company of doctors of the ONG Rainbow 4 Africa-Missionland, a special vehicle will bring medical help to the populations we will meet during our journey.

We will meet and get to know incredible ethnic groups who live following ancient traditions and celebrating ancient rituals; we will bring concrete help to the villages with the doctors of Rainbow 4 Africa – Missionland, an aid agreed with the village leaders and always respecting traditional medical practices that have been handed down for centuries.

Who we are

Romina Facchi

SafariAdv Director

Silvano Greco

SafariAdv Director

Alessandro Gilli

Africale Founder & Owner

Laura Vincenti

Cofounder Africaletravel

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