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Natural Reseves,
Archaeological sites
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450 mammals
1.200 birds species
120 reptiles
Slide 25 tribes

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TransAfrica, next trip in 2025

A journey, an adventure that meet of the legend of epic expeditions.

The Transafrica is a unique experience, a crossing that runs along the entire continent and while traveling around it changes and every day is a surprise.

Populations, languages, animals, biomes, food and perfumes change but they will all be fantastic experiences to try and taste.

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National Parks and Unesco Sites

Ethnic groups

Days of travel

Trans-Sahara 2024

This 55-day overland expedition is one of the last true adventures. Traveling along the remote west coast of Africa, crossing deserts and jungles, it explores iconic destinations and remote areas from Marrakech to Cotonou.

An adventurous journey through West Africa, discovering lively and colorful markets, talented musicians, breathtaking landscapes, rich and traditional cultures, pristine beaches, and an unparalleled artistic and artisanal scene.

Why travel with us

Experience and professionalism

We have been traveling and working in Africa for over 20 years and we love every corner of it.

Respect for the environment and animals

We devote the utmost attention to preserving nature and not bothering the animals during safaris.

Itinerary planned in detail

Each stage has been designed to make the journey interesting and exciting every single day.

Handpicked Lodges and Tented camps

Our partners guarantee maximum comfort and attention to the eco-sustainability of the structures.

We bring help to local populations

It will also be a journey dedicated to helping those most in need.

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Who we are

Passionate about Africa, tireless travelers, curious and hungry for new experiences.

We have different backgrounds but Africa is our common denominator and we want you to fall in love with these lands rich in wild nature, history, peoples, legends and ceremonies.

Romina Facchi

SafariAdv Director

Silvano Greco

SafariAdv Director