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Trans-Saharan: from Liberia to Benin – Stage 4

Trans-Saharan: from Liberia to Benin

The fourth stage of the Trans-Saharan in West Africa, from Liberia to Benin, is an exciting 18-day journey. We will depart from Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, and arrive in Cotonou, on the coast of Benin, visiting Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Ivory Coast is a destination that offers a comprehensive experience for travelers seeking unique adventures, thanks to a combination […]

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Trans-Saharan: from Western Sahara to Senegal – Stage 2

La Trans-Sahariana in viaggio tra Mauritania e Senegal

The second stage of the Trans-Saharan journey is an exhilarating expedition through captivating Mauritania and Senegal, spanning from Dakhla in Western Sahara to Dakar in Senegal. Our voyage between Mauritania and Senegal promises an extraordinary experience of discovery, adventure, and immersion in African culture. Traversing desert landscapes, historic sites, national parks, and charming coastal cities, this adventure is designed to leave an […]

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