During the Trans-African journey we will have the opportunity to bring medical help to local populations, support animal conservation associations and organizations that work to give a better future to single mothers, children and frail people.

Among the realities that will make this a unique trip there are Rainbow4Africa an Italian NGO that wants to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa by intervening in the health sector in order to increase its quality, specificity and accessibility.

Between the stages of our journey we will meet various associations that help animals that are injured or in danger such as the Cheetah Conservation, which takes care of cheetahs in difficulty in Namibia, the Khama Rhino Sanctuary which is committed to the conservation of rhinos in Botswana, in Nairobi we will visit the orphanage of the elephants of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where we will adopt a baby elephant and always in Nairobi we will go to visit the Giraffe Center which deals with the repopulation of Rothschild’s giraffes.

We will also have the opportunity to meet and get to know the women of Kazuri who in Kenya helps single mothers, widows and other women in difficulty by giving them a job, and Furahia who in Tanzania, thanks to sport and the values ​​that sport transmits, help children find a better future by taking them away from the streets.

We will also go to Soweto, the most famous township in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela lived and where the anti apartheid movement was born and where we will meet an association that helps families in need.

Last but not least, in Kenya we will meet Ocean Sole artists who, by recycling old flip flops, create incredible sculptures.

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